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Fri November 27, 15

P-One expand tyre & accessories range - Red RC - RSS
Italian company WRC have expanded their recently introduced P-One brand with the addition of several new items such as tyres and chemicals. WRC have teased their new design Formula tyres back in April with the low-profile tyres resembling Pirelli's 18 inch test wheels. They are meant to offer improved performance due to a lower shoulder […]

Alexandre Laurent joins Xray - Red RC - RSS
Xray have announced the addition of multiple French Cup winner Alexandre Laurent to their electric on-road team. Alexandre will attend events such as the national championship, the Euros, Worlds and also the ETS and he has the following to say about the deal: It is a real honor to join Xray Team for the upcoming […]

Leo Arnold wins at French Carpet Nats Rd2 - Red RC - RSS
Round 2 of the French Carpet Nationals was held in the city of Loos near Lille. In the Touring Modified class Leo Arnold (Xray), Lucas Urbain (VBC) and Loic Jasmin (Yokomo) battled for the TQ spot with Loic taking the opening round while Lucas came out fastest in Q3 and Q4. Leo would take round […]

Team C GT8 carbon centre diff & steering plate - Red RC - RSS
Team C have new carbon fibre option parts for the GT8 line of 1/8th scale on-road vehicles available in the form of a centre diff plate and a steering plate. Both are cut from high-quality carbon fibre with the steering plate offering three different Ackermann position for the inner steering link ballstuds. Both parts are […]

Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03 Raybrig NSX CONCEPT-GT 2014 - Hobby Meida - RSS
Il parco macchine delle Kyosho Mini-Z si sta per arricchire di un nuovo modello con la carrozzeria replica della stupenda Raybrig NSX Concept-GT 2014. Il modello viene venduto pronto a correre su telaio MR-03 Sports 2 con radiocomando Perfex KT-19 2.4 GHz. La meccanica è compatibile con praticamente tutte le carrozzerie MR-15 e MR-02. Il [...]
Thu November 26, 15

Blade Vortex Pro: Nuovo drone FPV Racing - Hobby Meida - RSS
Giusto in tempo per finire sotto l’albero di Natale presso la Horizon Hobby è in arrivo il fantastico quadricottero racing Blade Vortex Pro che era stato annunciato a metà novembre durante la fiera americana del modellismo F3Expo. Questo multirotore è stato sviluppato dalla ImmersionRC per dare ai piloti che cercano un quadricoptero da competizione una [...]

Awesomatix A800A alloy chassis touring car kit - Red RC - RSS
Following the introduction of the A800 carbon fibre chassis car, Awesomatix now also have images and more information of the aluminium chassis variant available. Called the A800A, the car uses the same suspension and drivetrain parts but a newly designed, 2mm aluminium chassis whose thickness, machining and material makes for optimised flex characteristics while the […]

LRP Ultimate Drift 5300mAh hardcase LiPo battery - Red RC - RSS
Coming soon from LRP is the Ultimate Drift 5300mAh hardcase LiPo battery pack. Built using 110C/55C cells and offering a high capacity, the pack weighs in at only 280g, making for an exceptional capacity-to-weight ratio. The pack comes in a translucent blue hardcase as known from LRPs competition batteries, it is 3C chargeable and utilises […]

Absima 105mm piggyback crawler shock absorbers - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Absima and made for a range of crawler off-road vehicles is a piggyback shock absorber set. The large volume dampers feature fake oil reservoirs, gun metal anodised aluminium shock bodies and they fit all vehicles that use 105mm long shock absorbers. Included in the 2-piece set are also suitable shock springs. Source: Absima […]

Project RC 0.8 pitch on-road gearbox - Red RC - RSS
Following a long and meticulous development period Project RC have now introduced their all-new 0.8 pitch 2-speed on-road gearbox. Using the gearbox, that had a successful outing during the recent IFMAR 1/8th World in Brazil, will increase acceleration and top speed thanks to their low rotation mass, optimised gear mesh and high efficiency. The conversion […]

Cristiano Sartor teams up with ARC - Red RC - RSS
ARC have announced the signing of Italy's Cristiano Sartor to their 1/8th on-road team. After being with Shepherd for five years Cristiano will use ARC's R8.0 car for the 2016 season and he has the following to say about the deal: First of all I'd like to thank Shepherd and Bracing for the help they […]

VP Pro tool base V2 - Red RC - RSS
VP Pro have introduced the tool base V2, a jig to hold a range of tools that now offers some additional features. Part of the V2 design are machined recessions to measure the length and diameter of metric hardware. The tool base is machined from high-quality aluminium, it comes black anodised, laser-etched and it not […]

Tourex Big Speed II 4-shoe large scale clutch - Red RC - RSS
Tourex have introduced their all-new Big Speed II 4-shoe clutch for large scale cars. Building on the success of the previous Big Speed 3-shoe offering the Big Speed II will deliver improved performance especially with today's very powerful engines. The “II” shares many parts with the 3-shoe offering and it also uses the same adjustment […]

Monster Truck FUNTEK MT 12 in scala 1:12 - ITALTRADING - Hobby Meida - RSS
Presso la Italtrading è disponibile il nuovo monster truck Funtek MT-12 in scala 1:12. Il modello viene venduto in versione RTR assemblato e pronto a correre con sospensioni indipendenti, differenziale a ingranaggi in metallo, trasmissione 2wd su cuscinetti a sfera, elettronica waterproof e tante altre caratteristiche che troviamo su modelli di fascia più alta. Nella [...]

Marek Cerny wins at XWS Slovenia Rd1 - Red RC - RSS
The opening round of the Xray Winter Series Slovenia was held at the Genius Ring in Italy. The famous ETS carpet and a challenging layout made for a fun weekend for everyone. In the Touring Stock class Xray's Marek Cerny was the man to beat as he set fast times right from the start. In […]

Rivkin & Mayo double at Reedy Outdoor Champs - Red RC - RSS
The inaugural Reedy Outdoor Off-Road Championships was hosted by Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, California. Replacing the Reedy Truck Race, this new event featured watered track conditions, spiked tires and roost throwing vehicles of all categories. With short days and breaks in the program for watering, the 150 entries enjoyed a smooth race event that […]

Yokomo YR-10 1/10 F1 car kit, ETS rules compliant! - *RC Media - RSS
Following our release of a sneak peek photo of the Yokomo’s YR-10 f1 kit, Yokomo have released full details of the kit. Here we go over some main points of kit: Following the Yokomo 1/10 YRF F1 kit, Yokomo have completely redesigned this new F1 from the ground up, and it seems that as if […]
Wed November 25, 15

Traxxas X-Maxx: Nuovo Video nel deserto del Glamis! - Hobby Meida - RSS
A inizio novembre la Traxxas ha svelato il nuovissimo monster truck X-Maxx. Questo fuoristrada brushless non è una semplice evoluzione dell'E-Maxx ma è una piattaforma totalmente nuova costruita su un telaio modulare in tre parti che semplifica molto la manutenzione. In basso possiamo vedere un nuovo filmato che mostra in azione sulle dune del deserto [...]

AKA Chain Link 2.2 1/10th buggy tyre - Red RC - RSS
AKA's popular Chain Link tread is now also available in a 1/10th 2.2″ variant. The standard size rear tyre features a bi-level, interlocking tread pattern that creates support for the tyre's carcass and treads. This additional support leads to consistency through corners and provides on-throttle stability while offering a balanced forward drive and side bite […]

Pro-Line Micron: gomme per automodelli off-road 2WD e 4WD - Hobby Meida - RSS
La Pro-Line ha iniziato la distribuzione delle gomme Micron per buggy 2WD e 4WD in scala 1/10. Le gomme sono disegnate per essere usate nella parte anteriore del modello e sono ottime insieme alle Electron il tracciato richiede dei battistrada fatti di pin bassi. Queste gomme favoriscono un miglior grip e trazione nella parte anteriore [...]

Daniel Brown doubles at Turkey Shootout - Red RC - RSS
The 8th Annual Turkey Shootout was hosted by Norcal Hobbies in San Jose, California. Daniel Brown TQ'd three out of four rounds of qualifying, having a DNF in the final round. Despite the DNF, Daniel positioned himself as TQ in both the 2WD Modified Buggy and Modified Truck classes heading into the mains. In the […]

Pro-Line E-Revo Pro-Spline HD axles - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Pro-Line and made for the E-Revo and Summit are the pre-assembled Pro-Spline HD axles. Designed to fit both in the front and the rear the Pro-Spline HD technology debuted on the Pro-Line Pro-MT kit. The driveshafts are made from hardened black oxide coated steel and they feature a true 6-sided spline that slides […]

BRP TRF102 1.5mm fibreglass T-bar - Red RC - RSS
Available from Boarder Racing Products is a 1.5mm fibreglass T-bar for the Tamiya TRF102 formula car. Specially developed for medium to high-bite carpet tracks the part is cut from high-quality 1.5mm FRP material and a direct replacement for the standard T-bar, yet much stronger to overcome the breaking issues associated with the original part. Source: […]

Roman Larkin wins at Russian UN Championship - Red RC - RSS
The Russian UN Championship was held at the Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre in Moscow. Considered to be one of the largest events in the country the race attracted over 120 drivers and in the 4WD class it was Roman Larkin who would take the TQ and with it the pole position for the A-main. Roman […]

Yokomo Racing Performer precision pinion gears - Red RC - RSS
Yokomo have introduced the Racing Performer line of precision 64 pitch pinion gears. Cut from high-quality aluminium and featuring a special treatment to make for a hard-wearing yet low-friction surface the gears are available in a range from 20T to 26T, making them best ideal for Touring Modified and 1/12th scale cars. Source: Yokomo [teamyokomo.com]

Gosch & Ellis win at 2015 Archway Classic - Red RC - RSS
SmacTrac of St. Charles, Missouri was host to the inaugural running of the Archway Classic. A world-class facility, backed by its very fast group of local racers, meant this event would have some fierce competition and with over 150 entries from all around the Midwest, a win at this race would cement a driver as […]

Video setup Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 PRO - SCORPIO - Hobby Meida - RSS
La Scorpio distributore in Italia dei prodotti Nine Eagles ha pubblicato una serie di video sottotitolati in italiano che mostrano i principali setup e funzioni per utilizzare il quadricottero Galaxy Visitor 6 Pro. Nei filmati potete vedere come calibrare gli accelerometri, gestire video, foto e album dall’App oppure tramite il radiocomando e come pilotare il [...]

Programmare i servi della HiTec: interfaccia DPC-11 - Hobby Meida - RSS
Fra le novità della HiTec troviamo la nuova interfaccia di programmazione per servi DPC-11. Grazie a questo accessorio sarete in grado di regolare il setup dei servi delle serie DXXX, HSB-9XXX, HS-7XXX e HS-5XXX modificandone parametri come la velocità, risoluzione, curva di movimento, dead band e posizione EPA e fail-safe. In basso il link per [...]

Pro-Line Micron 2WD & 4WD front tyres - Red RC - RSS
Pro-Line's Micron 1/10th buggy tyre is now also available as a 2WD and 4WD front variant. The Micron is the ideal complement to the Electron, giving racers a lower pin option when the track conditions require it. The tyres feature connected tread technology similar to the Electron with an emphasis on creating as many forward […]

PowerHD D-18HV servo combo set - Red RC - RSS
PowerHD have introduced the D-18HV high-voltage servo for 1/8th nitro off-road applications. Featuring a stury all-alloy case, titanium and aluminium gears as well as a coreless motor the servo weighs in at 70g while sporting a transit time of 0.08s and up to 18kg-cm of torque at 7.4V input. The servo is available separately and […]

Pro-Line Desert Eagle 1/10th bodyshell - Red RC - RSS
Pro-Line have introduced the gnarly looking Desert Eagle bodyshell for the use with 1/10th scale short course trucks. Resembling a fire-breathing, road-crushing 1970's muscle car the body offers details like a supercharged V8 rising out of the hood, zoomie side pipes and twin roof and deck spoilers. The body can be mounted in several ways, […]

Yokomo YZ-4 aluminium C-hubs - Red RC - RSS
Coming soon from Yokomo are aluminium C-hubs for the YZ-4 1/10th off-road buggy. Machined from high-quality aluminium and sporting silver chamfered edges for looks the parts offer improved rigidity for a more precise and linear handling especially in high-grip conditions. The hubs are available in 10 degree and 12.5 degree variants with laser-etched markings making […]
Tue November 24, 15

Yokomo YR10: nuovo automodello F1 da competizione - Hobby Meida - RSS
Dopo l’uscita del kit F1 da competizione full optional MACH 4 ONE della Italtrading la Yokomo ha svelato il nuovo YR10. Questo kit della casa giapponese sarà utilizzabile nelle gare della classe ETS (Euro Touring Series) e arriverà sugli scaffali dei negozi di modellismo, senza carrozzeria, ma completo di gomme RIDE XR e alettone Mon-Tech.

New Pro-Line Predator Body for RC8B3E - myrcbox - RSS
This is a Predator Clear Body for RC8B3E. Introducing the Pro-Line Predator Body for the Team Associated RC8B3E! The Predator

Roche Rapide F1 2016 Formula 1/10 Pan Car - Anteprima - Hobby Meida - RSS
Dopo un lungo periodo di sviluppo la Roche RC ha annunciato il nuovo formulino 1/10 Rapide F1 Pan Car. Il modello verrà venduto in kit di montaggio e dovrebbe arrivare nei negozi di modellismo il prossimo anno a fine gennaio. Al momento non sono state rilasciate altre immagini o le caratteristiche del telaio.

Pro-Line RC8B3E Predator bodyshell - Red RC - RSS
Pro-Line have introduced the Predator bodyshell for the Team Associated RC8B3E. The same body as it is included with the RC8B3E kit, the Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition. The Predator E-Buggy body has clearance for 1/8-sized batteries and […]

Reds Racing Flexfit Flatbill hat - Red RC - RSS
New from Reds Racing comes a black Flexfit Flatbill hat. Available in S-M and L-XL sizes the high-quality cap features embroidered Reds Racing logos on the front and the rear, making you look good both on and off the track. Source: Reds Racing [reds-racing.com]

Schumacher touring car wheel arch cutting jig - Red RC - RSS
Schumacher have released a wheel arch cutting jig for 1/10th touring cars. The jig ensures accurate and repeatable cutting out of wheel arches time after time. Simply set the car to the required ride height and position the body shell to the desired height. Position the jig flush with the outside of the body shell […]

Picco trucker cap - Red RC - RSS
Show you passion to everything Picco with the company's new trucker cap. The Yupoong-made mesh cap keeps your head cool and it sports a printed Picco “P” on the front while the mesh section is decorated with an embroidered Picco logo. Source: Picco [teampicco.com]

Xray Winter Series Rd2 – Report - Red RC - RSS
Round 2 of the Xray Winter Series Morava was again held at the Jedovnice sports hall. The event attracted 64 racers to compete in the five classes of Touring Open, Stock 17.5T, Hobby, Formula and GT. The Touring Open class was dominated by the fight between the two teammates David Nemcek and Kuba Simurda. In […]

ETS-ready Yokomo YR-10 formula car kit - Red RC - RSS
Following a first teaser image Yokomo now have revealed all details of their forthcoming YR-10 formula car kit. Developed especially for the ever growing 190mm rubber tyre class the car features a front suspension made of carbon fibre upper and lower arms combined with a standard kingpin and recoil spring setup as well as a […]

Patrick Hofer sweeps MRTO Challenge - Red RC - RSS
This past weekend the MRTO Challenge was held with around 150 drivers from Switzerland, Austria and Germany in attendance. The purpose-built track offered a lot of grip and the different jumps present made for an entertaining time. Team Associated's Patrick Hofer was on a mission, TQing all three classes of 2WD Buggy, 4WD Buggy and […]

Hot Race Miami 1/8th buggy tyres - Red RC - RSS
The third in the line of Hot Race Tyres' new 1/8th buggy tyres is the Miami. The medium-size pin tread offering builds on a special carcass with round shoulders, making for a tyre that is less prone to unsettle the car over ruts and worn-out sections of the track while an inner mesh makes for […]

Upgraded Muchmore Impact FD2 range LiPo batteries - Red RC - RSS
Muchmore have upgraded their Impact FD2 range of competition LiPo batteries with the addition of four new packs. First up is the Max Punch 6200mAh standard size pack made of 110C cells. Weighing in at 307g the pack is both light of weight while offering maximum punch for both modified and stock racing thanks to […]

Ryan Lutz wins Nitro Truggy at US Open Fuel Champs - Red RC - RSS
The inaugural US Open Fuel Championships race was held at the Fear Farm Raceway this past weekend. A number of Pro drivers made the journey and it was raced like the “old days” where there was just one class per vehicle. Tekno RC's Ryan Lutz would have a mixed Nitro Truggy qualifier but he would […]

Intech ER-14 aluminium steering knuckles - Red RC - RSS
New from Intech and made for the ER-14 off-road buggy are aluminium steering knuckles. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminium the parts offer improved rigidity and steering response compared to the standard composite items. The black anodised hubs come laser-etched, including separate steering levers and they are a direct replacement for the stock parts. Source: Intech [intechracing.com]

Keung wins Chinese Alpha Plus Cup - Red RC - RSS
The first ever Alpha Plus Cup was held at the KRC track in ‪Shenzhen‬, China with local racers and also guests from Taiwan and Hong Kong in attendance. Entries were limited at 70 for the one day event that was run with mandatory Alpha Dragon III engines and Alpha's own 2130 exhaust. In the 8 […]

SoCal RC Scale Series Rd1 – Report - Red RC - RSS
Round 1 of the SoCal RC Scale Series was held at TQ RC Racing in Chino. With Summer coming to an end, it was time to return to begin the second year of the popular Winter Series. Five race days comprise the series and a drivers' best four event results count toward the end of […]

Adam Drake wins at Revelation Raceway Turkey Race - Red RC - RSS
The recent Turkey Race at Revelation Raceway saw Mugen's Adam Drake walking away with the win in the 1/8th Nitro Buggy class. HB driver Victor Guerrero came in second while Ricky Rodriguez rounded out the podium in third place. Source: Mugen [mugenracing.com]

Pro-Line: anteprima della carrozzeria Desert Eagle - Hobby Meida - RSS
La Pro-Line (distribuita in Italia da Italtrading) ha pubblicato un video di anteprima dedicato alla nuova carrozzeria Desert Eagle. La carrozzeria uscirà durante questo mese e come possiamo vedere dalle immagini è ricca di dettagli come le griglie di protezione sui finestrini, fari e una replica del motore che esce dal cofano anteriore.
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