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Fri July 11, 14

Yokomo R12 C3.1 Kit - PanCar da competizione in scala 1/12 - Hobby Meida - RSS
La Yokomo alla fine del mese di luglio inizierà la distribuzione della Pan Car R12 C3.1. Il modello è l’evoluzione della R12 vincitrice per 4 volte del titolo nazionale giapponese JMRCA 1/12, e 2 volte al Campionato del Mondo IFMAR. La R12 C3.1 verrà venduta in kit e viene fornita con un nuovo sistema di [...]

Elliott Harper joins GForce & Zen Racing - Red RC - RSS
Team Durango driver Elliott Harper has announced he has signed for GForce to run their full line of pit accessories, for the remainder of the 2014 season and beyond. The 2010 World Championship Podium finisher had this to say about the new deal: Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Jang and Keith from Muchmore […]

Smokem 416-IIX carbon fibre chassis - Red RC - RSS
Smokem Racing has answered the call of many TRF416 racers by releasing an “IIX” chassis for Tamiya’s venerable TRF416. At the heart of the 416-IIX is a proprietary 2.0mm thick “Pro-Weave” 100 percent carbon fiber construction – which is stiffer than conventional weave but softer than a quasi weave. As seen on the company’s 418-IIX […]

Xray XB4 Lexan rear wing sets - Red RC - RSS
Made for the XB4 line of buggies are two new rear wing sets from Xray. Coming as 1.5mm or heavy-duty 2.0mm variant, the wings offer increased durability and lifespan compared to the kit wings. The greater stiffness also improves stability at high speeds making the wings, that come as pairs, ideal for modified class racing. […]

MotoGP World Champion to use Hudy tools - Red RC - RSS
You may know it or not but 2-times MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner has found a new profession after retiring from the fun world of motorbike racing as he recently stepped into RC car racing. Casey will now up his game by exclusively using Hudy tools to wrench on his Yokomo 2WD and 4WD buggies […]

MIP Pucks X-6 Cubed 17.5 drive system - Red RC - RSS
The latest vehicle to receive MIP’s Pucks 17.5 drive system treatment is X-Factory’s X-6 Cubed buggy. The Pucks drive system is an aluminium based drivetrain system which includes aluminium diff outdrives, aluminium C-CVD bones, and replaceable plastic orange wear Pucks that take the place of the standard steel pins. This combination greatly increases the longevity […]

Yokomo Europe B-Max2 & B-Max4 chassis decals - Red RC - RSS
Available now from Yokomo Europe are chassis protective decals for the Yokomo B-Max4 III and B-Max2 buggy. The clear decals come printed with black graphics and they are made to prevent the chassis becoming overly scratched on abrasive track surfaces. Included in each package are two pre-cut decals. Source: Yokomo Europe [teamyokomo.eu]

Yokomo YZ-PS25A 25 Amp power supply - Red RC - RSS
Yokomo introduce the YZ-PS25A power supply for the use with 100 to 240VAC input. The device offers 12VDC and a maximum of 25A of output current, enough even for very powerful charger and tyre truers. An LC display informs about the current voltage, wattage and temperature while a separate 5V/1A USB port allows you to […]

VP Pro 1/10th Mad Runner carpet tyres - Red RC - RSS
VP Pro introduce a new line of 1/10th buggy tyres for the use on ugh grip surfaces such as astro turf, carpet and grass. The Mad Runner is available as 2WD front, 4WD front and 2WD/4WD rear tyre and it makes use of popular and widely used tread patterns, such as a cut-rib design for […]

Yokomo R12 C3.1 1/12th pan car kit - Red RC - RSS
Yokomo introduce the latest incarnation of their 4-time JMRCA National and 2-time IFMAR World Championship winning 1/12th scale car, the R12 C3.1. The kit features the newly developed rear friction tube dampers which consist of small-sized and light weight plastic-moulded tube dampers, a system that is used up front great results for some time now. […]

Jared Tebo Products - Tshirt per modellisti offroad! - Hobby Meida - RSS
E’ online il nuovo negozio online di Jared Tebo dove è possibile acquistare le stilosissime tshirt disegnate dal famoso pilota americano della Kyosho (vincitore dell'ultimo Campionato del Mondo 2013 IFMAR).Clicca qui per visitare lo store Jared Tebo Products.
Thu July 10, 14

ARRMA MEGA: Automodelli RTR in scala 1/10 - Safalero - Hobby Meida - RSS
Ecco il video di presentazione della nuova linea di automodelli RTR in scala 1/10 prodotti dalla Arrma Mega e distribuiti nei negozi di modellismo italiana dalla Safalero. Il gigante americano Hobbico propone offroad “entry level” a basso costo ma con caratteristiche di livello come l’elettronica waterproof .Fra i modelli della linea Arrma MEGA ci sono [...]

Axial Yeti Rock Racer: nuovo video e caratteristiche - Hobby Meida - RSS
Dopo le immagini delle ultime settimane Axial (distribuita in Italia da Safalero) ha presentato ufficialmente il nuovo Yeti Rock Racer in scala 1/10. Il modello verrà venduto in versione RTR, assemblato e pronto all’uso con radiocomando AX-3. Per iniziare a correre dovrete acquistare separatamente solo il pacco batterie del modello (Axial consiglia un 3S) e [...]

Axial Yeti Rock Racer: nuovo video e le caratteristiche - Hobby Meida - RSS
Dopo le immagini delle ultime settimane Axial (distribuita in Italia da Safalero) ha presentato ufficialmente il nuovo Yeti Rock Racer in scala 1/10. Il modello verrà venduto in versione RTR, assemblato e pronto all’uso con radiocomando AX-3. Per iniziare a correre dovrete acquistare separatamente solo il pacco batterie del modello (Axial consiglia un 3S) e [...]

Ty and Gord Tessmann – 110% Racing Clinic - myrcbox - RSS

We have all dreamed to spend few hours with a pro driver to learn tricks, secrets and to share experiences. This is exactly what Ty and Gord Tessmann do with the 110% Racing Camp....

The post Ty and Gord Tessmann – 110% Racing Clinic appeared first on .

Axial Yeti 1/10 4WD rock racer RTR - Red RC - RSS
Axial introduce their latest 1/10th scale off-road vehicle called the Yeti. The dedicated rock racing vehicle features a solid rear axle and independent front suspension and it is built to withstand the punishment of rock racing at a high level of performance. It’s distinct aesthetic and technical elements were inspired by full-size desert trucks and […]

TLR 22SCT 2.0 KIT: Short Course Truck 2WD in scala 1/10 - Hobby Meida - RSS
La Horizon Hobby ha annunciato la versione 2.0 dello short course truck a due ruote motrici TLR 22 SCT in scala 1/10. Il modello dedicato alle competizioni viene venduto in kit di montaggio con una serie di modifiche frutto degli ultimi due anni di lavoro dei piloti del Team Losi. Fra le novità troverete una [...]

DLike RE-RII KIT: automodello da drift in scala 1/10 - Hobby Meida - RSS
La giapponese D-Like ha pubblicato le prime immagini del nuovo automodello da drift RE-RII in scala 1/10. Il modello verrà venduto in kit di montaggio con telaio e upper deck in fibra di carbonio, ammortizzatori di tipo corto filettati in alluminio, trasmissione a quattro ruote motrici, a cinghia per le ruote anteriori e cardanica per [...]

VBC Firebolt 2WD buggy – Body images - Red RC - RSS
Following a set of first production prototype images VBC now also launch two photos of the buggy with its body on. The mid/mild-cab forward shell offers a sleek design with a raised rear section to make way for the mid motor, while a low-profile shark fin adds stability and improves airflow towards the large rear […]

New Serpent Spyder & Cobra optionals - Red RC - RSS
Serpent have a range of new option parts for the Spyder and Cobra line of vehicles available. Starting with the Spyder, first up is a 21 teeth top shaft for stock racing classes. The part fits all SRX-2 series buggies and trucks and it is available separately or including an adapter. The second new part […]

Drone Pathfinder CX20 con GPS - Fantasyland - Hobby Meida - RSS
La ditta Fantasyland ha appena annunciato il Pathfinder CX20: un quadricottero per riprese aeree che grazie al dispositivo GPS integrato offre speciali funzioni come la stabilizzazione dell'altitudine e il “Ritorno alla Base”. Questo drone viene venduto completo di tutto il necessario per volare (nella scatola c’è anche un CD-Rom con video ed istruzioni in Italiano) [...]

Hacker Tensoric8.2 speed controller - Red RC - RSS
Available now from German company Hacker is their latest 1/8th brushless speed controller, the Tensoric8.2. Designed for the use with 2S to 6S LiXX cells, the speedo builds on the experience gained with the Tensoric8 and it features a completely redesigned and more powerful PCB power control board, a newly designed heatsink and a switched […]

Tomasz Gadnicki wins Polish Oder-Pomerania Cup 2014 - Red RC - RSS
German and Polish racers recently gathered in the Polish town of Szczecin to attend at the first ever Oder-Pomerania Cup. Despite some health and tyre problems Tomasz Gadnicki was able to win the 45 minute final in front of Michal Pokora and Danuel Tadeusiak who completed the podium. Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

Top-shaft 21T stock SRX2 - Sepent Products - RSS
Superlight Top-shaft 21T stock SRX2

Top-shaft set 21T stock SRX2 - Sepent Products - RSS
Superlight Top-shaft set 21T stock SRX2

C-hub 0 deg L+R alu - Sepent Products - RSS
For the 1/8 Cobra line of cars Serpent introduces these 0-degree aluminium c-hubs. These are designed to be used mainly for the Cobra GT and Cobra GTe 1/8 4wd GT cars. Machined from 7075 T6 aluminium and black anodised, these are a direct replacement for the standard composite versions.

Jörn Neumann teams up with Arrowmax - Red RC - RSS
Arrowmax RC announce the signing of multi-time European Champion Jörn Neumann to their team. Jörn will be using Arrowmax honeycomb tools, setup tools and option parts and the German ace will also help with development and testing of new products. This is what Jörn has to say about the deal: I am very happy to […]

Primo Trofeo ASD MT 55 Racing Team - RME Collari - Hobby Meida - RSS
Giuseppe Ceccacci ci segnala che presso il circuito internazionale RME Lamberto Collari di Cassino, sabato 2 agosto si svolgerà la prima edizione del trofeo ASD MT55 Racing Team per automodelli nitro 1/10 e 1/8 pista. Le iscrizioni sono a numero chiuso, ed è possibile effettuarle sul sito della pista. La competizione si correrà secondo il [...]

Tamiya TG10-Mk.2 FZ 1/10th nitro chassis kit - Red RC - RSS
Tamiya have released first information on their forthcoming new 200mm nitro on-road kit, the TG10-MK.2 FZ. The car is based on a 3mm aluminium chassis with composite upper deck, it features a 4WD shaft-driven drivetrain, front pivot ball suspension and it comes with a FS-12FZ 2.1cc engine but without bodyshell. The kit will become available […]

RPM ECX 2WD oversized front spindle blocks - Red RC - RSS
RPM introduce oversized front spindle blocks for the ECX line of 1/10th 2WD vehicles such as the Torment, Boost, Ruckus and Circuit. They make use of (optional) larger and thus more durable 5x11mm bearings and are made to improve durability and precision compared to the stock spindles thanks to their design and the use of […]

TLR 22SCT 2.0 short course truck kit - Red RC - RSS
Team Losi Racing introduce the 22SCT 2.0 2WD short course truck kit. The evolution step of the popular 22SCT makes use of the experience gained with the 22 2.0 buggy kit and features a vast amount of improvements such as an updated front and rear suspension geometry with revised castor blocks and spindles that make […]
Wed July 9, 14

Avvistato uno Yeti: l'abominevole uomo delle nevi esiste! - Hobby Meida - RSS
Sulla cosa orientale degli Stati Uniti il modellista Kha Ly, che lavora per la famosa Poison Spyder Customs, ha fotografato un vero Yeti. Da questa esclusiva fotografia possiamo ammirare la leggendaria bestia chiaramente attratta dal nuovo rock racer della Axial (chiamato proprio come l’abominevole uomo delle nevi).Finalmente abbiamo la prova dell’esistenza della creatura leggendaria molto [...]

Quebec Classic 2014 – Track Photos - myrcbox - RSS

This morning, I’ve visited Circuit RC International, in Québec city, home of the 2014 Quebec Classic race. Track organizers have worked really hard to offer to the hundreds of racers a challenging and fun...

The post Quebec Classic 2014 – Track Photos appeared first on .

Hot Bodies D8T Tessmann Edition: Truggy a scoppio 1/8 - Hobby Meida - RSS
La Hot Bodies ha presentato una nuova versione del truggy nitro D8T in scala 1/8 dedicata a Ty Tessmann. Questa nuovo kit da competizione viene fornito con una trasmissione 4WD più performante, con dei differenziali alleggeriti per aumentare l’accelerazione e nuovi alberi CVD per trasmettere la potenza del motore alle ruote con maggiore efficienza.Fra le [...]

Ryan Maifield interview - Red RC - RSS
We have seen him announce his departure from Team Associated, with whom he drove with for 13 years, and more recently he was confirmed at both TLR and Team Orion going forward. We sent over a few question to Ryan Maifield to get a bit more insight into his decision to move to a new team […]

Hot Bodies D8T Tessmann Edition truggy kit - Red RC - RSS
Hot Bodies introduce the D8T Tessmann Edition 1/8th nitro truggy kit. Based off the original D8T the Tessmann Edition kit was designed with the input of Ty and Gord Tessmann to create an even faster and even more durable truck. The drivetrain has been lightened with new lightweight diffs and lightweight spur gear for quicker […]

Aereo radiocomandato Nine Eagles Sky Freeman - Hobby Meida - RSS
La Nine Eagles distribuita in Italia da Scorpio ha annunciato il nuovo aeromodello radiocomandato Sky FreeMan. Questo modello avrà delle funzioni che lo rendono sicuro e semplice da pilotare. Fra queste troviamo il decollo, atterraggio e ritorno al punto di partenza in automatico, e supporto per foto e riprese aeree. Grazie a queste funzioni che [...]

Skornia wins at Northern Germany regionals Rd3 - Red RC - RSS
The 3rd round of the Northern Germany nitro on-road regionals was held at the MAC Hamburg track. Lennart Skornia was the man to beat during the weekend as he was able to win all four qualifying heats to take the overall TQ. After starting from pole position into the main final, Lennart never looked back […]

JConcepts 1/8th Dirt-Tech buggy tyre insert - Red RC - RSS
New from JConcepts come the Dirt-Tech tyre insert for 1/8th scale buggies. Designed in conjunction with Brian Kinwald, the insert has medium sized cuts on the outside which touch off against the tyre inner carcass providing a cushy response and feel. The inside has horizontal channels cut in a 360 pattern to soak up the […]

Bruno Coelho takes Portuguese off-road nats Rd4 - Red RC - RSS
The 4th round of this year’s Portuguese 1/8th off-road nationals was held at the track of Evora. The Sunday started off wet but temperatures in the 26°C range made the surface dry swiftly. As for the racing action, Xray’s Bruno Coelho and Miguel Matias won their respective semifinals with a wide margin so everything looked […]

Arrma 2014 Mega brushed motor RTR vehicles - Red RC - RSS
Arrma present their updated “2014″ Mega range of brushed motor 2WD off-road vehicles. Based on the proven twin vertical plate “ladder” frame, the buggies and trucks offer a super tough chassis, large volume shock absorbers and a durable drivetrain with fluid-filled gear differential. The kits are topped off by pre-painted polycarbonate bodyshells and pre-mounted multi-surface […]

Xray T4 fully adjustable battery holder - Red RC - RSS
Made for the T4 line of electric touring cars is this fully adjustable LiPo battery mount from Xray. The design allows to shift the battery forth and back and also to the left and right by 4mm in order to adjust the weight bias of the chassis. Included in the set are two L-shaped carbon […]

Exotek B44 aluminium, carbon & steel option parts - Red RC - RSS
Exotek introduce a total of four new option parts for the Team Associated B44 4WD buggy in the form of a centre bulkhead cap, front wheel hexes, a carbon fibre battery strap set and steel centre drive cups. Starting with the lo-pro bulkhead cap, the part is machined from high-quality aluminium and designed to offer […]

MIP Twin Hammers X-Duty CVD spline drive kit - Red RC - RSS
Made for Vaterra’s Twin Hammers rock racer is the X-Duty CVD spline drive kit from MIP. The custom involute spline design makes for smooth telescoping operation and thus a more efficient working drivetrain. The kit is a direct replacement for the stock drives and it includes durable steel male and female bones, 5mm drive hubs, […]

Markus Hellquist wins in Oslo - Red RC - RSS
The combined 3rd round of the Swedish Cup and Norwegian national championship was held by the Oslo Modellbilklubb. The event was run in the four classes of 1/8th track, 1/10th 200mm nitro touring, and both modified and stock electric on-road. The weather was very uncertain, but in the end the event was run in dry […]

Silvio Hächler wins at Swiss 1/8 on-road champs Rd4 - Red RC - RSS
The 4th round of the Swiss 1/8th on–road championship was held at the Sebastian Buemi track of the Mini Racing Cars Aigle & Lausanne club. After qualifying, Simon Kurzbuch (Shepherd/Novarossi) took the TQ from by Mattia Pesenti (Xray/Picco) and Luca Martinelli (Mugen/OS). Qualifying result: 1. Kurzbuch Simon – Shepherd/Novarossi – 17 5:00.664 2. Pesenti Mattia […]

Matt Chambers joins Kyosho America - Red RC - RSS
Kyosho America announce the addition of Matt Chambers to their factory race team. Matt is very well known for his 1/10 electric off-road racing skills where he has made countless A-Main’s throughout his racing career. Along with Chambers’ impressive speed on the track, he is also recognized as being one of the most hardworking and […]
Tue July 8, 14

The Rally Legends 2014: Finale del Campionato Italiano - Hobby Meida - RSS
Lo scorso weekend sulla pista di Scandicci (FI) sono state disputate le finali del Campionato Italiano 2014 The Rally Legends. Al termine di una giornata organizzata alla perfezione dai ragazzi di Firenze Marco Monti ha conquistato il gradino più alto del podio. I piloti provenienti da Toscana, Lombardia e Lazio per un totale di 31 [...]

Radiocomando per droni FPV: Walkera DEVO F12E - Hobby Meida - RSS
In alto puoi vedere il filmato è dedicato al nuovo radiocomando per appassionati di FPV Devo F12e (12 canali con portata del canale video di 1Km) prodotto dalla Walkera e venduto in abbinamento con il drone TALI H500 (il nuovissimo esacottero per riprese aeree professionali appena arrivato nei negozi di modellismo italiani).Questa nuova radio [...]

Ryan Maifield team up with Team Losi Racing - Red RC - RSS
After much speculation about his post-AE future, Ryan Maifield has officially joined forces with Team Losi Racing. The multiple ROAR national champion will work closely with the TLR R&D team on the further development of the Team Losi Racing electric and nitro off-road car platforms including the 22, Ten and 8ight cars. Ryan will be […]
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