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Yeah Racing Conversion Kit for TT-01, TT-01E, TA-01, F103, F104, E10, FORMULA TEN

Yeah Racing
Spinning Rims
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Yeah Racing
6-Slots LED Light Kit

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Fri July 1, 16

MIP B6/5 Super Diff bi-metal kit - Red RC - RSS
New from MIP comes the Super Diff bi-metal kit for the Team Associated B6 and B5. Featuring a unique bi-metal outdrive design the kit utilises 7075-T6 aluminium outdrive hubs and heat-tempered steel outdrives to scrub 30 percent of weight compared to the standard differential. The weight reduction will make for quicker spool-up and acceleration especially […]

ARRMA NERO 6S Monster Truck Bashing - VIDEO - Hobby Meida - RSS
Ecco un video che mostra il nuovo monster truck ARRMA NERO 6S in una session di bashing. Il modello è dotato di un innovativo sistema che permette di bloccare i differenziali e cambiare tipo di trasmissione tramite tre micro servi. Il telaio è realizzato con due piastre di alluminio verticali con box laterali per le [...]

Team Corally Eclips 2400 AC/DC multi-chemistry charger - Red RC - RSS
Team Corally have introduced their new top-of-the-foodchain AC/DC multi-chemistry charger. The Eclips 2400 400W dual channel device allows for up to 20A of charge current with its independent output ports with channel 1 offering up to 20A charge current and 400W charge power while the second port is good for up to 12A and 200W. […]

Carsten Keller teams up with Team Associated - Red RC - RSS
German Team Associated distributors LRP have announced the signing of Carsten Keller to run the RC8B3 and RC8B3e at all major races across Germany and Europe. The former SWorkz driver and national frontrunner will also use LRP, AKA, JConcepts and Sanwa equipment, with the campaign for his new chassis sponsors starting at the forthcoming EFRA […]

Xray XB4 graphite composite steering blocks & uprights - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Xray are new graphite composite steering blocks and rear uprights for the XB4 buggy. The parts are aimed at racing in high-grip condition, they improve durability and corner speed. The rear hubs make use of larger 5x12mm outer and smaller 5x10mm inner bearings to maximise durability and minimise unsprung weight. Both parts are […]

Arrma Raider XL Mega 1/8th 2WD RTR buggy - Red RC - RSS
Arrma have introduced their new Raider XL Mega 1/8th scale 2WD ready-to-run buggy. The combination of a longer wheelbase, a wider track and larger wheels and tires make this 2WD 20 percent larger than the 1/10 scale version. Its bigger size makes it more stable and forgiving, and it features metal gears, adjustable oil-filled shocks, […]

Serpent SRX8 suspension arm replacement program - Red RC - RSS
Following quality issues and too-easily breaking suspension arms, Serpent have announced a replacement program for the A-arms of the SRX8 buggy. The new suspension parts are made of a softer compound, resulting in more flex and more forgiveness in the event of severe crashes. The arms also underwent a redesign with beefed-up sections and also […]

Malin Karlsen takes win at Norwegian Nationals Rd3 - Red RC - RSS
Round three of the Norwegian 1/10th Electric Off-road National Series was recently held at the Oslo-based Hverven Raceway. In the 4WD Buggy class, Xray's Malin Karlsen would bring home the day's win with victories in A1 and A3, coming from the 3 spot on the grid. Yokomo team mates Eirik Andreassen and Daniel Kobbevik rounded […]

Avid 0.5mm to 2.25mm aluminium ballstud washer sets - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Avid are several aluminium ballstud washer sets for on-road and off-road cars. Precision machined from aluminium, sporting a single chamfered design and coming black anodised the shims work with both M3 and 4-40 ballstuds and they are ideal for many setup purposes such as altering the ballstud height on hubs and shock towers. […]

Will Brinton wins at AE Summer Series Rd4 - Red RC - RSS
Round four of The Team Associated Summer Series at the Hobbyplex was last weekend, and the competition was stacked with heavy hitters from all over the mid-west with the race having a nice turnout with 194 entries. Will Brinton was an unstoppable force in Modified Racing Truck, taking the TQ in both rounds of qualifying, […]

Cobra SRX8 ; Ackermann plates in carbon as optionals - Sepent News - RSS
Cobra SRX8 ; Ackermann plates in carbon as optionals

See image attached.

Cobra SRX8 buggy: arms replacement program - Sepent News - RSS
Cobra SRX8 suspension arms replacement program

Serpent is offering a free replacement program on the wishbones of the Cobra SRX8 buggy.
- more durable
- wider flex control range

Especially the front arms broke under severe impact, but for our quality standards too quick. To warranty our high quality image we decided to do a full replacement program.


Arrowmax 5200mAh 2S LiHV battery pack - Red RC - RSS
Arrowmax have expanded their range of high-voltage LiHV battery packs, with the introduction of a 5200mAh variant. Built from high-performance 55C LiPo cells the pack offers an increased nominal voltage of 7.6V compared to the standard 7.4V and it can be charged to up to 8.7V or 4.35V per cell. The “outlaw” battery provides improved […]

T-Works 1/8th buggy droop & rebound gauge - Red RC - RSS
Coming from T-Works is a droop and rebound gauge especially designed for 1/8th off-road buggies. Made from black and red anodised aluminium the gauge is of a common design and it will be fastened to the upper shock mounts during setup, allowing to estimate the droop and rebound rates when using the lower shock mount […]

Team Associated B6/B6D titanium screw kit - Red RC - RSS
Team Associated have announced the release of a titanium screw kit for the B6 and B6D buggies. Including 90 screws in total, the lightweight fasteners make for significant weight savings compared to the standard steel screws while also improving visual impact thanks to their shiny appearance. The screw kit is usable for both cars and […]
Thu June 30, 16

Diretta live streaming delle qualifiche dei campionati europei EFRA 1/10 ISTC 2016 - Hobby Meida - RSS
In basso puoi vedere la registrazione del primo round di qualifica degli europei EFRA 1/10 della categoria Modified Touring Car mentre in alto puoi vedere la diretta degli ultimi quattro round di qualifica delle tre categoria di questi campionati che si svolgono oggi a Trencin (in Slovacchia) presso la Hudy Arena.

Samix SCX10 forward battery tray kit - Red RC - RSS
Samix have introduced the forward battery tray kit for the Axial SCX10 vehicle. Machined from aluminium and coming with adjustable battery locators on both the left and the right hand side the tray makes for a more forward biased weight distribution, greatly improving climb performance. The part is designed to attach to the front shock […]

Mustafa Alp doubles at Xray TORC Rd3 - Red RC - RSS
Round three of the Xray TORC series was held at Burmod Bursa last weekend. The weekend started off with very hot weather but ended – yet again – in a rain drama. In the Nitro Touring class, Mustafa Alp took round TQs in Q1 and Q2 but suffered strange car problems in the following two […]

Thrasyvoulou wins at Cyprus International Buggy race - Red RC - RSS
Last weekend the Cyprus International 1/8 Nitro Buggy Race was held in Nicosia with drivers from Cyprus, Greece and Israelin attendance. The weather was extremely hotand the new track layout with high jumps and a lot of bumps made for challenging racing conditions. In the A-main Andreas Thrasyvoulou (Xray) brought home the win from Rafail […]

Kyosho Optima 2016 option parts - Red RC - RSS
Kyosho have introduced a range of option parts for the Optima 2016 re-release buggy. First up is an aluminium servo mount that makes for improved stiffness and cooler looks. The part comes gun metal anodised and it includes mounting hardware. Also new are hard-anodised 7075 alloy main chassis rails for improved looks and durability. On […]

Active Hobby Products 21mm touring car springs - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Japanese company Active Hobby Products is a range of 21mm big bore touring car springs. They are available as medium soft 2.4, medium 2.5 and medium hard 2.6 variant made from 1.4mm wire. The colour-coded springs promise improved steering response and rear traction while also reducing tyre degrading and they come in sets […]

Core RC under shorty LiPo brass weight - Red RC - RSS
Schumacher have introduced the new Core RC under short LiPo brass weight. Measuring 92 x 47mm and with 1mm thickness the weight can be positioned directly under a 1S or 2S shorty battery for the lowest centre of gravity. The weight weighs in at 35g and it comes with the Core RC logo etched on. […]

Exotek DEX210v3 MM chassis kit & alloy wing mounts - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Exotek are a new 7075 alloy chassis conversion for the Team Durango DEX210v3 in MM configuration and also aluminium wing mounts for the same buggy. Starting with the chassis conversion, the kit was designed and tested with the feedback of factory drivers, bringing the trusted DEX210 buggy to the forefront of mid motor […]

Robert Okonski successful at Polish Nationals Rd3 - Red RC - RSS
Round three of the Polish On-road Championships was held at the recently refurbished Jelcz-Laskowice track. Offering fast sections and a low grip level the track was a bit of a handful for many of the EP Formula class drivers especially those who prepped their cars according to the EFRA rules with rubber tyres and slower […]

T-Works introduce hard-coated lower shock mount pins - Red RC - RSS
T-Works have introduced a range of hard-coated lower shock mount pins for a range of 1/8th off-road vehicles. Machined from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminium and sporting a hard-coated surface for wear the lightweight pins reduce unsprung weight and they are available in four piece sets for the Kyosho MP9, HB Racing D815 and the Serpent S811 […]

Bart Mullink wins BL Cup Rd3 - Red RC - RSS
The third round of the Dutch BL Cup was held at the MACH One club in Helmond. Agama's Bart Mullink would take the win in the A-main from Xray's Jarno Pijpers, who suffered problems early in the final but he was able to recover grab the runner-up spot on the podium. Sander van Genechten (Xray) […]

Jason Conley successful at 2016 Byron Challenge - Red RC - RSS
The 2016 Byron Challenge recently wrapped up at Leisure Hours Raceway with some fantastic racing among drivers from across the eastern half of the United States. While the forecast was for heavy rain on Sunday, the conditions were high temperatures and sunny skies throughout the weekend. In 1/8th Open 4WD, Xray teammates Eric Jones and […]

Robert Lu wins at 2016 MTS China Rd2 - Red RC - RSS
This past weekend, the second round of 2016 Muchmore Touring China Series was held at the Shanghai-based RCI V2 indoor circuit. The rain season brought nice and cool weather to the early Summer which made for a good day of racing. In the 1/10th Touring Blinky class, local Xray driver Robert Lu was on fire […]

Yokomo YD-2 & YD-2 Plus RWD drift car chassis kits - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Yokomo are two new drift car chassis in the form of the YD-2 and the YD-2 Plus. The RWD design offers a good balance between acceleration and stability, which can be beneficial in the Tsuiso Battle called tandem and twin races, making the car also very controllable at full counter drifting. The kit […]

Michal Abrahamek wins at Laszlo Timar memorial race - Red RC - RSS
The Laszlo Timar memorial race was recently held at the Morac Graz track in Austria with about 80 racers from the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia in attendance. The race format saw independent races on Saturday and Sunday with the combination of both would make up the final result. Xray's Michal Abrahamek […]

JConcepts 8ight-E 4.0 Fin titanium turnbuckle set - Red RC - RSS
Coming from JConcepts and made for the TLR 8ight-E 4.0 is the Fin titanium turnbuckle set. The base of the six main suspension turnbuckles designed for the TLR 8ight vehicle centres around a beefy 5mm square titanium base. The light-weight yet durable material is gradually machined down and tapers into a thread base design which […]

Team Magic E5 4X4 Monster Truck brushless 1/10 - VIDEO - Hobby Meida - RSS
Ecco un nuovo video del monster truck 1/10 E5 4X4 prodotto dalla Team Magic (distribuita in Italia dalla Electronic Dreams). Il modello viene fornito pronto all’uso con la carrozzeria colorata e adesivata e radiocomando FHSS a 3 canali HT3GDS. Il telaio monta una trasmissione a quattro ruote motrici, sistema brushless THOR formato da motore da [...]
Wed June 29, 16

Segui la diretta degli europei EFRA 1/10 ISTC 2016 - Hobby Meida - RSS
Gli amici di RC Racing TV da oggi sono a Trencin (in Slovacchia) presso la Hudy Arena a raccontarci in diretta i campionati europei 1/10 pista che quest’anno comprendono tre eventi distinti: gli europei della categorie touring car (Modified e Spec) e della debuttante F1.

Kukla & Novotny win rained out Czech Nats Rd2 - Red RC - RSS
The second round of the Czech 1/8th Off-road Nationals was held at the Dolni Bukovsko track. In the 1/8th Nitro Buggy class, Xray's Kaja Novotny took the win in the opening qualifier but technical issues for Kaja in Q2 and Q3 made way for David Kukla (Xray) who left Jiri Mara (Serpent) and Max Gotzl […]

Extreme Racing MBX7 carbon fibre kit - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Extreme Racing is a carbon fibre kit for the Mugen MBX7 and MBX7R buggy. Included are front and rear shock towers with additional mounting positions for the shock absorbers and rear camber links as well as Ackermann plates for the steering knuckles and an upper plate for the steering and front bulkhead assembly. […]

2016 Winter Champs title for Aaron Lee - Red RC - RSS
The recent 2016 Winter Champs in Australia saw Aaron Lee walking away with the triple of TQ, fastest lap and new track record as well as the win in the competitive A-main event. The victory is even more impressive as this was the first outing for his new chassis sponsors after having only received the […]

Hot Race Tyres introduce new rubber compounds - Red RC - RSS
Italian company Hot Race Tyres have introduced two new rubber compounds for their 1/8th off-road tyres. The medium and hard compound will deliver increased grip especially in high ambient temperatures and they replace the previous compound. The new tyres will become available from early July. Source: Hot Race Tyres [hotracetyres.com] FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin It

JConcepts B6-series Fin titanium turnbuckle set - Red RC - RSS
JConcepts have announced the soon release of the Fin titanium turnbuckle set for the Team Associated B6 series of buggies. The base of the shafts design is centred around a .143″ titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3mm thread base design which accepts the standard AE ball-cup configuration. The focus of the […]

Serpent medium downforce 1/8th off-road wing - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Serpent is a new medium downforce rear wing. Sporting a 2-level design with large side dams and winglets on the bottom element, the wing is ideal for high-speed tracks while also offering exceptional balance and stability while jumping. The wing is available in black and white colour and it fits Serpent's own range […]

LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic long stroke engine - Red RC - RSS
New from LRP comes the ZZ.21C Ceramic long stroke engine for 1/8th off-road vehicles. Made by Japanese company O.S Engines according to LRP's specifications, the engine will offer a smoother low-end throttle feel and more linear power supply over the whole RPM band while also offering improved mileage. This was achieved by using a newly-designed, […]

CSO BD7 hard-coated spring steel outdrive cups - Red RC - RSS
CSO have introduced a set of hard-coated spring steel spool outdrive cups for the Yokomo BD7 touring car. The parts are machined from high-quality spring steel and finished with a special hard-coat that greatly improves wear characteristics. The parts are direct replacements for the kit's front spool outdrives. Source: CSO [cso.com.hk] FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin It

MR33 joint lubrication oil - Red RC - RSS
UK MR33 distributors Schumacher have introduce the MR33 joint lubrication oil. Specially formulated the lube is best used for drive shaft joints, pins and moving parts as it provides long lasting and smooth operation and reduced wear on components. The oil comes in a handy bottle and it is available now. Source: Schumacher [racing-cars.com] FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin […]

Xray XB8 carbon fibre rear chassis brace inserts - Red RC - RSS
Xray have introduced a carbon fibre insert set for the rear composite chassis braces of the latest XB8 and XB8E buggies. Specially shaped the inserts drop right into position in the composite rear chassis brace and they make for an overall stiffer rear part of the chassis, making the option parts ideal for high traction […]

New wings for 1/8 offroad - Sepent News - RSS
600825 Wing straight MD black 1/8
600826 Wing straight MD white 1/8

Serpent introduces these moulded 1/8 scale buggy / truggy rear wings for medium down-force.

Yeah Racing 1/10th on-road car stand - Red RC - RSS
New from Yeah Racing comes a car stand for 1/10th scale on-road vehicles. Constructed using black anodised aluminium and machined carbon fibre, the car stand also acts as a shock stand when building or maintaining shock absorbers. Additional foam strips keep the chassis from sliding around while narrow strips for the bottom part of the […]

Nico Schmid dominates Alpencup race - Red RC - RSS
The fourth round of the Alpencup series was recently held on the all-new astroturf track of the EFAC Hohenems club. In the 2WD Buggy class, Xray's Nico Schmid brought home the win, coming from the 2 spot on the grid, from Xray team mate and TQ holder Michel Buschor. Nico's brother Florian Schmid (Xray) rounded […]

Team Corally Nitro Powerbox twin motor starter box - Red RC - RSS
Coming from Team Corally is the Nitro Powerbox, a twin motor starter box for 1/8th off-road vehicles. Offering a compact design the twin 750-size motors provide enough power to start even factory-new engines that are known to offer lots of “pinch”. The inner battery mounts hold two 7.2V NiMH or 7.4V LiPo packs that are […]

Martin Wollanka wins Austrian Nitro Buggy Nats Rd2 - Red RC - RSS
Round two of the Austrian Nitro Buggy National Championship was held at the Waidhofen track. Xray's Martin Wollanka made a clean sweep, taking the TQ after the qualifiers and the pole position for the A-main with his FX-powered ride. The main final was then also won by Martin in pretty dominant fashion, as he ended […]

Avid B6-series titanium ball stud kit - Red RC - RSS
Avid have introduced a titanium ball stud kit for the Team Associated B6 and B6D off-road buggies. It includes a total of 12 ball studs made from billet 6Al-4V material and sporting 2mm allen heads on top of the ball for easy removal. 40 percent lighter than the kit's steel ball joints the titanium parts […]

Cooter Kenney wins at Nitro Nights Series Rd2 - Red RC - RSS
Northern California's Central Valley RC Raceway hosted the 2nd race of the Nitro Nights Series with some of Northern California's top drivers were in attendance including Jonathan Hernandez, Bryce Beaver, and Austin Blair. In Pro Buggy and after a flawless drive Cooter Kenney brought home the win from second placed Bryan Curran and third placed […]
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