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Yeah Racing Conversion Kit for TT-01, TT-01E, TA-01, F103, F104, E10, FORMULA TEN

Yeah Racing
Spinning Rims
Special Visual Effects
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Yeah Racing
6-Slots LED Light Kit

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Fri August 19, 16

rcMart Summer Sale Round 2 - *RC Media - RSS
We don't want Summer to end just yet, do we? That's why rcMart has brought you 30+ Hot Items Added to Summer Sale (Ends 31 Aug 2016)  !!! Store Credit Rebate Summer Giveaway (Free RC Car Kit !!!) Summer Sale EXTENDED Summer sale now EXTENDED to 31 Aug 2016! We are celebrating with a Summer Sale […]
Tue August 16, 16

Sakura Advance 1/10 Touring Car Now Available at rcMart - *RC Media - RSS
Sakura Advance 1/10 Touring Car After the Sakura Ultimate which was released in 2014, 3Racing are bringing us the new and updated high performance touring car : Sakura Advance. In this Kit, 3 Racing have introduced some brand new design ideas which brings their touring car more in terms with modern designs. Brand New Design! […]
Tue July 26, 16

3Racing 1.9 Scale Machine: The Crawler EX - *RC Media - RSS
When 3Racing expanded into the drift scene, we knew that their expansion would not stop there; and now we have proof with them bringing us even more impressive products now in the form the Crawler EX! A (what we believe) is a 1.9 inch scale crawler. 3Racing, a company known for their innovative products such […]
Fri July 22, 16

Axial SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck - *RC Media - RSS
Axial SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck – 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR The Grave Digger has been the icon for Monster Jam! The black, purple, and green graveyard themed paint job has been haunting and thrilling fans for over 30 years. Axial has focused on designing the chassis and roll cage for the […]

Axial SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck - *RC Media - RSS
Axial SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck – 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR The Grave Digger has been the icon for Monster Jam! The black, purple, and green graveyard themed paint job has been haunting and thrilling fans for over 30 years. Axial has focused on designing the chassis and roll cage for the […]
Thu July 14, 16

rcMart 2016 Summer Sale and Store Credit - *RC Media - RSS
rcMart 2016 Summer Sale is Here! Introducing our Summer Sale for the 2016 Year! Spend the summer RC-ing at the fraction of the cost it would normally cost you with rcMart.com! From the 14th of July 2016 till the 17th of August 2016 we are introducing our Summer Sale! Get more back when you shop […]
Wed July 13, 16

Will Tamiya release the TT01E Team Hahn MAN TGS Truck Body separately? - *RC Media - RSS
TT01E Truck has been a big hit recently and many RC lovers have been wondering if Tamiya would release the TT01E Team Hahn MAN TGS Truck Body separately! Here are some clues to look at! First of all, the model number 58632 was embossed on the body mold which basically means it is the model […]
Mon June 27, 16

Brushed Motor VS Brushless Motor - *RC Media - RSS
Still thinking which motor to choose ? What criteria do you concern most ? Usually, when we make the purchasing decisions, PRICE and EFFICIENCY are the major concerns, right? Let’s have a look on the comparison table in a glance!   Editor saying : Be reminded that, expenses should be considered not only from the […]
Wed June 22, 16

How to make your brushed motor run more efficient and last longer! - *RC Media - RSS
  Brush Replacement Your brushed motor will need brush replacement, it is only a matter of time! We suggest that “540″ brushes are replaced when they are half the original length. If you wait too long the armature can be permanently damaged. This could be required every 20 minutes of runtime for a fast motor, […]
Mon June 20, 16

RTR Maintenance - *RC Media - RSS
Everyone loves how RTR cars can be run out of the box without any assembling required, just charge packs and off you go! But with all mechanical things in motion something is bound to wear and eventually break if the proper care is not given! We would recommend giving your RTR or even your Daily […]
Thu June 16, 16

How the Best Father Daughter R/C Duo came to be! Malin and Bent Karlsen - *RC Media - RSS
For this Father’s Day we would like to introduce to you Malin and Bent Karlsen, one of the most recognized father and daughter teams in the Offroad racing scene! Starting out small: Malin Karlsen, now a world renowned offroad racer backed by multiple large factory sponsor-ships may seem a fairy tale come true. Most well […]
Sun June 12, 16

CC-01 Upgrade Parts by Active Hobby! - *RC Media - RSS
Active Hobby are once again showing off their incredible creativity and production skills with this line of new Tamiya CC-01 aluminum upgrade parts which will drastically increase the performance! Active Hobby have introduced a new knuckle mounting system along with a chassis mounted bracket which allows for a four link system to be added to Tamiya’s […]
Mon June 6, 16

Learn More About Differentials! - *RC Media - RSS
A differential, or as it is commonly referred to as, a “diff“, is an aptly named assembly that exists to allow the driven wheels at each end of an axle to rotate at different speeds. This helps (and depending on the type of diff and the circumstances, hinders) in controlling the traction available to the […]
Thu June 2, 16

Wrap Up Next VX Dock for Yokomo DRB/DIB - *RC Media - RSS
Wrap Up Next have introduced their famous VX-Dock for Team Yokomo‘s DIB and DRB! Also included in the package are upper arm mounts which will make mounting this package a breeze! WUN have made it possible to use their VX-Dock previously only available for the Drift Package through an updated chassis mount! The included upper arm mount […]
Fri May 27, 16

Do you really know the difference between FF, RR, FR, 4WD and MR? - *RC Media - RSS
FF – Front Motor/Engine Front Drive FF RC are fairly easy to control, but do not generally handle high speed very well. With more weight distribution forward, which makes them prone to understeer. FF RC: Tamiya 1/10 FF04 EVO   ABC Hobby 1/10 Grande Gambado Honda Civic Type R EK9 FF cars: Honda – Civic Type […]
Wed May 25, 16

SCX10 II Details Leaked! - *RC Media - RSS
Photos Courtesy of Facebook Group Axial RC Rock Crawlers, are some what we believe spy shots of the new 1.9 Scale Crawler from Axial which at the moment is believed to be called the SCX10 II. Some new features we can see from the shots: Lowered Transmission which allows for a smaller angle of the […]
Tue May 24, 16

What you need for a clean car ?? - *RC Media - RSS
How do you keep your car clean ?? I suppose the most simple and basic answer to this would be to just leave it at home….. But if your Car is going to get dirty, Are you sure still leaving it at Home ?? There are a number of different products that will hasten this process and […]
Tue May 17, 16

RC Car Trivia Quiz - *RC Media - RSS
Answers for RC Car Trivia Quiz on rcMart Facebook Page: Nickola Tesla Masami Hirosaka 14 Stick transmitter A boat (made by Tesla)  The fastest battery-powered remote-controlled model car is UK's Tony Lovering and his Black Knight rocket car, as covered here in North Wales' Daily Post. Tony's wild rocket ride made a successful 210.11mph run which the record […]
Fri May 13, 16

One of the greatest looking truck? - *RC Media - RSS
The automaker using Nikola Tesla‘s (Inventor of Radio Control) first name just announced its first two electric vehicles. The Nikola one is still just a concept, but it has been estimated that the electric semi-truck has a range of up to 800 to 1200 miles on a single charge (You can go from Florida to […]
Thu May 12, 16

2016 Shizuoka Hobby Show Mega Thread! - *RC Media - RSS
It’s time for the 2016 Edition of the Shizuoka Hobby Show and to make things easier for you we have collected available images at the moment and put them in one place! Kyosho: We have some nice new releases from Kyosho, but more on the Mini-Z sized things and also something quite unique is the […]

- *RC Media - RSS
It’s time for the 2016 Edition of the Shizuoka Hobby Show and to make things easier for you we have collected available images at the moment and put them in one place! Kyosho: Tamiya:   Ko Propo: Sanwa:
Fri May 6, 16

“RC” in the future? - *RC Media - RSS
Controlling objects with the mind has leaped off the pages of science fiction and into reality. A company called Alchemy Technology has teamed up with Acer to develop an EEG headsets which can detect a driver's brain activity, and slow the car down if it seems like the driver might not be paying attention. Recently […]
Tue May 3, 16

rcMart Best Crawler Photo Contest Winner Announcement - *RC Media - RSS
Firstly, we must thank all the participants who joined our rcMart Best Crawler Photo Contest! For those who sent us your amazing crawler photos or participated in the voting process, you have really helped us on making the contest a success. All of you guys must now be very excited on who the winner is […]
Fri April 29, 16

Voodoo TKO-10 SCX10 Axle Housing Comparison and Introduction! - *RC Media - RSS
With more and more manufacturers entering the Aluminum SCX10 Axle upgrade market, there are a handful of manufacturers releasing plastic housings. Voodoo (Ottsix Racing), most known for their high grip Crawler tires, have released the TKO-10 housing for upgrading your plastic SCX10 axle housing. You might be wondering: how would another plastic housing be an upgrade? Read […]
Wed April 27, 16

Kyosho Mini-Z Rally Racing - *RC Media - RSS
Did you know you can now race your Kyosho Mini-z with spectacular styles and loads of sideways fun? Last year Kyosho has held this rally class race in Japan which take place at normal carpet Mini-Z tracks to find out the fastest Mini-Z rally drivers, with the perfect balance between grip and drift. The rally […]
Tue April 26, 16

1st Exclusive Photos of Yokomo YD-2 RWD Drift Chassis - *RC Media - RSS
Have the 1st look of ” Yokomo YD-2 RWD Drift Chasis”, exclusively taken last weekend At FEMCA RC DRIFT 2016. But the Rear Part was hidden in the Pit Towel, Stay Tuned with us for more YD-2 News. Yokomo Store: http://www.rcmart.com/drifting-kits-accessories-c-1562.html
Fri April 22, 16

rcMart Best Crawler Photo Voting Contest! - *RC Media - RSS
rcMart is introducing the Best Crawler Photo Voting Contest ! Firstly, we must thanks all the participants who joined our rcMart Best Crawler Photo Contest! We have received more than 160 amazing crawler photos in this contest! The Voting Stage is Here! We have selected 60 photos for the Voting Contest to compete for the Top […]

Sanwa Super Vortex Gen 2 and Vortex Stock Announced! - *RC Media - RSS
As a sneak preview prior to the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2016, Sanwa have released some early photos and specifications for their two upcoming ESCs! The Sanwa Super Vortex ESC, popular for drifters around the world due to it’s easy to use “SSL link” which allows for adjusting ESC settings remotely with SSL Sanwa Transmitters. [Second Generation Super Vortex  ZERO […]
Fri April 15, 16

The Long and Shorts of Crawler Wheelbases - *RC Media - RSS
More often than I would like to admit, people regard wheelbase as something which is used to accommodate for the different kind of bodies and to keep their rig as scale as possible. However, you would be surprised at just how much the wheelbase affects your rig besides from fitting with your body! Wheelbase effects […]
Thu April 14, 16

Tamiya TA-07 Pro First Images! - *RC Media - RSS
Tamiya announced they will present the brand new TA-07, the successor to the Tamiya TA-06 at the upcoming 2016 Shizuoka Hobby Show. For a sneek peak: we present to you a early render image of the car: Some new features Tamiya are introducing in this brand new platform: 4WD system, but only utilizing one belt! Three […]
Last updated : Thu August 25, 16 - 15:46:54

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