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Yeah Racing Conversion Kit for TT-01, TT-01E, TA-01, F103, F104, E10, FORMULA TEN

Yeah Racing
Spinning Rims
Special Visual Effects
with Spinning Rims!!

Yeah Racing
6-Slots LED Light Kit

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Fri April 21, 17

No more tangled wires! - *RC Media - RSS
Are you fed up with tangled wires and do not want to pay for a wire clamp? Here’s your solution!   For Preparation, all you need are the followings: Zip tie (depending on how many wires you are tying 3 wires, 3 zip ties) Scissors or cutting pliers   These wires may be a little […]
Thu April 13, 17

Answers for car shadow challenge - *RC Media - RSS
Axial SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee The Jeep Cherokee  is a fully capable off road suv that was manufactured and marketed by Jeep from 1983 to 2001. The Axial SCX10 II retains the spirit of the SCX10 with its all-metal twin c-channel frame rails. But the frame rails are only 2% of this completely fresh […]
Tue April 11, 17

ABC Gambado Naked 2017 Ver. First Look - *RC Media - RSS
We here at rcMart.com were lucky enough to receive a prototype version of ABC‘s upcoming Gambado Naked 2017 ver. Due to this being a prototype version, there may be some subtle differences from their final version. Compared to the last version of the Gambado Naked version, there have been some changes, find out below. The 2017ver. of […]
Mon April 10, 17

Fri April 7, 17

Wishing you an Eggcellent RC Easter ! - *RC Media - RSS
Heads up, it’s almost Easter !! Let’s celebrate Easter with rcMart! Tamiya Fans, you don’t want to miss it !!! We’ve selected 30 Tamiya items AND the favorable combo for all of you!!! MORE !!?? 30 Electronic for SALE in this Easter. SALE Tamiya Sale + Adorable COMBO Electronic Sale REDEEM ITEMS rcMart pit mat rcMart […]
Mon April 3, 17

Check out the Rust Paint Job on Xtra Speed D110 Defender Body!! - *RC Media - RSS
Product: Xtra Speed D110 Defender Hard Plastic Scale Crawler body #XS-59659. Product Reviewed by: VS Customs – Tim Body Painted by: VS Customs – Tim   When it comes to building a one of a kind scale crawler we have so many thoughts that run through our mind. We look over the internet for pictures and ideas on […]
Fri March 24, 17

How to build your Gear Differentials? - *RC Media - RSS
The differentials in the market are all pretty similar but today we will be showing you the TAMC-023 for M-chassis by Yeah Racing!     Typical differentials in the market with casing and bevel gears.     After you have assembled them, it’s time to think about traction issues. If you choose to use straight […]
Thu March 23, 17

Introduce RC Cars To Your Children? YES or NO? - *RC Media - RSS
Sometimes it can be tricky to find hobbies for kids, especially those that parents can also participate in. RC building can be a long-term, intricate and rewarding hobby that can be tackled by all ages with the right guidance. With a vast range of RC cars, ships, planes, trains and motorbikes, now is the perfect time for the younger generation to […]
Sat March 18, 17

Newsletter SUBSCRIBERS ONLY Exclusive Offer Update - *RC Media - RSS
Dear rcMart Newsletter subscribers, Please check this blog at the valid time again, which have been shown as below [22/03/2017 GMT-4 00:00] to [23/03/2017 GMT-4 23:59]. At that moment, here would be provided a link to the exclusive offer which specially for you. Read the terms & condition carefully at the bottom part. Please feel […]
Mon March 13, 17

Xtra Speed – Snow Chains for 1.9″ Scale Crawler - *RC Media - RSS
The winter is nearly gone here in Austria, but nevertheless we are going to talk about the XTRA SPEED snow tracks today. They are available in two different sizes: for 114 mm and  128 mm tires. I mounted them on my Junior's Axial SCX-10 to find out, if  they provide more traction on snow. The […]
Tue February 28, 17

Own The Corner, Own the Race - *RC Media - RSS
We all know how to drive our RC car straight (as long as the settings are right…). Curves are where you show what you really got. In speed races, cornering technique is one of the decisive factors. Slow-in and fast out is a golden rule in speed controlling at curves and out-in-out instructs how to […]
Mon February 13, 17

Xtra Speed Sentinel D90 1/10 – Scale Crawler + Body - *RC Media - RSS
The blog contribution to the Sentinel D90 from XTRA SPEED has long been overdue, today I would like to introduce you my ASTS competition chassis 2017. The chassis fits perfectly as the name suggests under a Landrover Defender D90. I would like to show you what I am going to do with it and how […]

Helpful RC Tips - *RC Media - RSS
Every Pro racer was once a beginner. Who knows if you would become the next world Champion! Now we are here to share some simple tips with you! R/C racing tires are not designed for parking lots. We know it is very tempting to just have a go at the neighborhood streets and parking lots, […]
Mon February 6, 17

Traxxas Scale Crawler Prototype Photos - *RC Media - RSS
Having been in the game for 30 years, it was only a matter of time before Traxxas were going to enter the scale crawler scene! Below we have some prototype pictures of their up and coming scale crawler!   A top view of the chassis and you will be able to see the clean layout. […]
Mon January 9, 17

1/28 Mini Chassis Showdown! Mini-Z VS GL-Racing GLA VS Atomic BZ - *RC Media - RSS
With a sudden increase in selection in the market of 1/28 Chassis’ we thought we would help you all decide on your new chassis if you do wish on entering this small yet hugely addictive and fun class of racing! We do comparisons between the original 1/28: Kyosho Mini-Z, GL-Racin’s GLA featuring designs taken from 1/10 […]

The last battery you will ever need? - *RC Media - RSS
How will these batteries affect the RC world? We all know the two most popular batteries in the RC world are NiMH and Lipo, but as technology improves rapidly, new batteries are being developed. Which one of the following examples do you think would takeover the RC world in the future?   Aluminum Graphite charges to […]
Thu January 5, 17

rcMart 2017 First Sale! Store Credit, Redeem, Sale and More! - *RC Media - RSS
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To kick things off for 2017, we’re introducing our massive First Sale! We’ve lowered the requirements for our store credit rebate program so that more people can take advantage and use this rebate system!   -We are having a 60 hot items sale, grab a […]
Thu December 8, 16

Changes in RC over the last two decades - *RC Media - RSS
Over the last 10-20 years, the RC industry has progressed further than any other point in history. Every part has become more powerful, efficient and more durable. The motors, batteries, tires, and other gear changed! Even the tracks across the country! Let’s have a look at the advancement in the past few years! Radio System […]
Mon December 5, 16

XTRA SPEED – Tuning / Hop-Up Parts for the Axial Racing – SCX10 From rc-modellbau-blog.com/ - *RC Media - RSS
XTRA SPEED – Tuning / Hop-Up Parts for the Axial Racing – SCX10 For this time, there is a new Hop-Up Parts brand for Axial Racing SCX10 , which can purchase by rcMart.com.   I received a small package of the new XTRA SPEED products from rcMart, I will introduce you in this article. So let´s […]
Thu December 1, 16

Santa Stop At rcMart! Specials, Giveaways, Massive Savings with us this X-Mas! - *RC Media - RSS
Find out more about our series of promotions we’re introducing this December to help you shop for Christmas! First up we’re having a massive 60 hot item sale, save on items that you would purchase normally! Beginner Combo Set  & Upgrade Combo Besides these 60 items, we will have brand sales where we will reduce […]
Sat November 26, 16

RC101: Set Up Suspension and Shocks - *RC Media - RSS
If I say setting up the suspension and shocks are the big obstruct of many RC Beginner on building their RC car, I think that most of you (especially if you are one of the beginner) would agree to it. There are enough tuning options on even the simplest of vehicles to make your head spin. […]
Tue November 22, 16

Choosing the perfect ESC - *RC Media - RSS
Electronic Speed Controls or ESCs controls the speed of the electric motor inside your RC model (which you can probably tell from the name anyway). Cheaper or ‘toy-grade' models may use ESCs that are inseparable from the receiver or combining much of the electronics on one circuit board, but we are here to talk about the […]
Thu November 17, 16

rcMart Black Friday and Thanks Giving Specials! - *RC Media - RSS
Take advantage of our Black Friday and Thanksgiving Specials! With a massive black themed sale and free rcMart pit mat and more! Black Friday Sale: featuring 30 specially selected “Black” items to go with the Black Friday Theme! For Thanks Giving, all orders will receive a set of 1/10 license plates for free! For those […]
Thu November 10, 16

You Always need to Upgrade ! - *RC Media - RSS
No matter which type of RC you own, you always need to Upgrade, right? This is a review of upgrading Tamiya TA02T F-150 Baja Truck with Yeah Racing  Aluminum option parts. Credit to: Scx10 Off-Road RC/tigweld4u (Juan Zepeda) Front Damper Plate Upgrades : Rear Damper Plate Upgrades: C-Hub Upgrades: Rear Knuckle Arm Upgrades:  You can find […]
Wed November 9, 16

Have you picked the right motor? - *RC Media - RSS
Do you remember the first motor you picked? Was it any good for you? We have heard from many beginners that they have picked the wrong motor at first as they didn’t know which is the right one for them! Here are a few hints for beginners to choose a motor that suits them! First […]
Tue November 8, 16

VBC Wildfire D09 Build Log and Tips! Part 1 - *RC Media - RSS
With the recent arrival of VBC Racing’s newest touring car platform, the Wildfire D09 we share with you this build log and some small tips to ensure a smooth and pleasant building experience! Upon opening the box you will be greeted with some high quality decals, manual and parts in labelled bags which correspond with […]
Mon October 31, 16

Workbench Essential ! - *RC Media - RSS
My workbench has just about anything you can think of within arm’s reach. Oils, grease, glue, tools and on and on and on, it’s all right there. As you can imagine, after a while my clean and tidy work bench became overloaded and less than organized so I cleared the bench and started over. I […]
Fri October 28, 16

rcMart Crawler Sale!!! - *RC Media - RSS
In Crawler, We Love! rcMart are now featuring a Crawler Sale which all crawler lover should aware! Featuring items reduced even further than normal, don’t miss this chance to buy something new to your crawler and take advantage of this incredible sale which no crawler lover would want to miss out! Go to our Sale […]
Wed October 26, 16

5 Common RC Rookie Mistakes - *RC Media - RSS
We have all been through the beginner stage before becoming a pro at R/C racing. Have you made any of the same mistakes mentioned below? Not choosing the right motor Some beginners know that the fewer the turns on a brushless motor, the faster it will accelerate with a higher top speed, and they simply pick the ones with the […]
Tue October 25, 16

Orlandoo OH35A01 1/35 Option parts - *RC Media - RSS
Ever thought about having your unique Orlandoo OH35A01 1/35 Crawler? We have just the thing for you! Aluminum Rim & Shock Body (Coming Soon!!!!)   Two different types of aluminum rims Aluminum Shock Body Original rim approx: 0.8g Aluminum rim approx: 1.7~1.8g Aluminum rims installed Aluminum Shock Body installed Aluminum Rims & Shock Body installed         […]
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