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Yeah Racing Conversion Kit for TT-01, TT-01E, TA-01, F103, F104, E10, FORMULA TEN

Yeah Racing
Spinning Rims
Special Visual Effects
with Spinning Rims!!

Yeah Racing
6-Slots LED Light Kit

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Mon December 22, 14

Yeah Racing Tritronic ESC Hackmoto V2 Brushed system Combo - *RC Media - RSS
The sought after weather sealed ESC and Hackmoto V2 Brushed 540 Motor is now available in Combo to offer exceptional performance . With an option of 13T, 23T For both on-road and off-road; with torquey 35T 45T and 55T for Crawler. Yeah Racin… USD$34.90USD$38.80 Yeah Racin… USD$34.90USD$38.80 Yeah Racin… USD$34.90USD$38.80 Yeah Racin… USD$34.90USD$38.80 Yeah Racin… […]
Fri December 19, 14

New Arrival at rcMart 19Dec2014 - *RC Media - RSS
Today's New Arrival featuring Tamiya 20th Anniversary part, parts for 3Racing, and more! Visit www.rcmart.com today!   3Racing 64…USD$3.60 3Racing 64…USD$4.40 3Racing 64…USD$4.40 Tamiya 20t…USD$3.90 Tamiya 20t…USD$3.90 3Racing 64…USD$8.30    

Xray 1/10 NT1 2015 World Championship Limited Edition Touring Car Now in Stock!!! - *RC Media - RSS
To celebrate the World Champion title, XRAY releases a special Limited Edition of the NT1 with loads of extra goodies. featuring plenty of option parts that Alexander Hagberg used on his NT1 at the World Championship in Thailand to grab the title. A set of option parts worth of 370Euro without VAT are included together with […]

December Featured Crawler Parts - *RC Media - RSS
Lots of crawler items has just arrived / restocked at rcMart and here is a brief list of what we have source you @December. Xtra Speed…USD$21.90 Xtra Speed…USD$2.90 Xtra Speed…USD$37.90 Yeah Racin…USD$7.90 Xtra Speed…USD$15.90 Yeah Racin…USD$1.99 Yeah Racin…USD$5.90 Yeah Racin…USD$4.90 Vanquish A…USD$18.99 Vanquish A…USD$49.99 Vanquish A…USD$49.99 Vanquish A…USD$86.00 Vanquish A…USD$15.95 Vanquish A…USD$86.00 Vanquish A…USD$86.00 Vanquish A…USD$86.00 […]
Thu December 18, 14

New Brand New Car Kit Just Arrived at rcMart~ MTS FF Pro EP Car Kit RO-MTS-FF-01~ - *RC Media - RSS
We are excited to announce that we are now carrying a new brand at rcMart- called MTS!! Tips from our drivers: This car kit has an adjustable battery mount enabling varies battery placement on the chassis, for example: vertical-alignment, horizontal-alignment, and it is also suitable for placing shorter battery and buggy style square batteries. This […]
Wed December 17, 14

New Arrival at rcMart 17Dec2014 - *RC Media - RSS
Today’s New Arrival featuring Yeah Racing Crawler Accessories, 3Racing parts for TRF419 and Mini 4WD, MTS FF Pro EP Car Kit and More! 3Racing M2… USD$1.46 3Racing M2… USD$1.44 3Racing M2… USD$1.90 3Racing SS… USD$6.40 3Racing SS… USD$6.40 3Racing SS… USD$6.40 3Racing 64… USD$3.60 3Racing 64… USD$4.40 3Racing 64… USD$5.80 3Racing 64… USD$5.80 3Racing 64… USD$5.80 […]
Tue December 16, 14

Today's New Arrival 16Dec2014 - *RC Media - RSS
Yeah Racin… USD$3.90 Xtra Speed… USD$37.90 Xtra Speed… USD$21.90 Xtra Speed… USD$37.90 ATOMIC AMZ… USD$19.50 Tamiya Neo… USD$12.50 Blitz Raci… USD$15.00 OMG Alumin… USD$129.90 OMG Alumin… USD$129.90 OMG Alumin… USD$129.90 Speed Pass… USD$189.90 Yeah Racin… USD$79.90  

Speed Passion x Tresrey 1/10 SP-1 EP F1 Pro Car Kit TYSP025 Now in Stock! - *RC Media - RSS
The Speed Passion x Tresrey SP-1 F1 Pro Kit is a special edition of Speed Passion’s ‘standard’ SP-1 kit issued by Japanese Speed Passion distributor Tresrey. The box contains the exact same parts as the conventional SP-1 kit but aluminium parts anodised in Tresrey’s signature red colour. The car is based on a 3mm carbon […]

Exotek F1R2 IFS independent front suspension set - *RC Media - RSS
Exotek introduce the F1R2 IFS independent front suspension set that is designed to overcome the very limited suspension travel of standard can car type front suspension. The sweet spot is only about 2mm of travel which means abrupt and non linear car handling. With an IFS suspension the car handling becomes much more linear with […]
Mon December 15, 14

Spec-R R2 1/10 Electric Touring Car Coming Soon - *RC Media - RSS
- Model: SPR-R2TC  – Shipping Weight: 3500 grams – Manufactured by: Spec-R – High strength and high precision anodized alloy parts for added durability and style – Ultra narrow chassis design with USA high quality Carbon Graphite 2.25mm main chassis – 2.0mm USA high quality upper deck and 3.0mm shock towers. – Slimmer transmission/motor mount components […]

As announced earlier this week, today they are publishing the exclusive “making of” of Xray's first ever formula kit, the X1. Designer Martin Hudy will go into deep as he explains the challenges of creating a competitive yet user-friendly formula car. With the success of the X12 and X10 platforms and the increasing popularity of […]
Fri December 12, 14

Tamiya M05 Ver.II PRO 1/10 Mini Car Kit EP back in stock!!! Come get it today! - *RC Media - RSS
Tamiya M05 Ver.II PRO 1/10 Mini Car Kit EP just been restocked!!! http://goo.gl/2sSVuL The Tamiya M-05 M-Chassis platform receives a significant makeover with the introduction of the NEW M-05 Version II Pro! The M-05 chassis has been a favorite platform for M-chassis club racers for years. The new tweaks and enhancements take advantage of new […]

Today's New Arrival 12Dec2014 - *RC Media - RSS
Today’s New Arrival Featuring Yeah Racing Gyro, Kyosho Mini-Z body, Buggy Kit and RTR Kit, and More! Visit www.rcmart.com today! Kyosho A.S…USD$41.90 Tamiya Min…USD$1.20 Tamiya Min…USD$3.20 Yeah Racin…USD$19.90 Tamiya Min…USD$1.20 Tamiya 1/1…USD$459.90 Tamiya 1/3…USD$14.41 Kyosho 1/1…USD$215.90 Kyosho 1/1…USD$249.90 Kyosho 1/1…USD$249.90 Kyosho A.S…USD$41.90 Kyosho A.S…USD$37.90 Kyosho Lam…USD$129.90 RGT R2 Pro…USD$199.90 Traxxas TQ…USD$27.00

Tamiya 1/10 TRF419 4WD Competition Touring Chassis Kit #42285 First View - *RC Media - RSS
In pursuit of Tamiya’s 6th IFMAR World Championship title in the Touring Car class, the Tamiya Racing Factory designers have been hard at work. Their latest creation is the TRF419. The TRF419 is the successor to the TRF418, but it has been heavily tweaked and optimized to give Tamiya’s top drivers the best chance in […]

Yeah Racing Premium Ceramic Bearing Oil 10ml For All RC Ball Bearing #YA-0336 - *RC Media - RSS
This is the new formula Yeah Racing premium bearing oil for both metal and ceramic bearings. The new formula consist of ceramic for achieving extremely low friction on bearings. The new formula bearing oil is also ideal for decrease wear and improves the performance and lifetime of the ball bearings. Feature: For metal and ceramic […]

SENSE INNOVATIONS Real Engine Sound Simulator #ESS-ONE replacing #ESS-PRO - *RC Media - RSS
Sense Innovations introduced SENSE INNOVATIONS Real Engine Sound Simulator #ESS-ONE because #ESS-PRO is going to be discontinued and shall be replaced by #ESS-PRO. #ESS-PRO is now going on sale, check out both items here: http://goo.gl/Mij3Lp Let’s take a quick look at the New #ESS-ONE! Can Download and use other sound effect with RC/PLUS app Can Upload […]
Thu December 11, 14

New Arrival at rcMart 11Dec2014 - *RC Media - RSS
Today’s New Arrival featuring Tamiya TRF419 Pre Order, 3Racing parts, Yokomo DP Limited Edition Imodoki Alpha Drift Car Kit and More! NEW PRODUCTS Tamiya 1/1…USD$459.90 RGT R2 Pro…USD$199.90 3Racing Ba…USD$2.00 3Racing Mo…USD$14.00 3Racing Mo…USD$14.00 3Racing Mi…USD$5.20 3Racing St…USD$19.20 3Racing St…USD$19.20 Yokomo C C…USD$15.30 3Racing Gr…USD$6.41 3Racing PO…USD$3.85 3Racing Up…USD$3.21 3Racing Wi…USD$7.69 3Racing AA…USD$7.69 3Racing Al…USD$10.26 […]

RGT R2 Prospec Blue Limited Edition - *RC Media - RSS
This is RGT Pro 1/10 4WD Belt Drive Competition Touring Car Kit #RGT-R2 Pro. The vehicle is based on a 2.5mm japan fibre chassis with 2.6mm upper deck, 2.5mm low profile shock mounts and improved chassis flex for more corner speed, traction and stability. It comes with aluminium threaded 12mm low-profile shock absorbers, features a […]

Yeah Racing High Precision Gyro GC301 For RC Drift F1 Car - *RC Media - RSS
High Precision GC301-Gyro for RC Cars, It is a device using gyro sensor and software algorithm to adjust steering output, providing you with a more stable and controlled driving experience. The Gyro’s heading hold effect manages steering output by automatically keeping the car’s tires aligned in the direction you chose. It will also precisely maintain […]
Wed December 10, 14

Yeah Racing NEW TX adapter - *RC Media - RSS
Yeah Racing will be launching TX Adapter For 1/10 Wheel Steering For Sanwa MT4 and MT4S, allowing you to add your style of Radio Transmitter Wheel to your radio, and any spare tires can be converted to be part of your radio! This is by far the stylish accessories you could add to your radio beside […]

New Arrival: Yokomo Drift Package Limited Edition Imadoki Alpha Drift Car Kit #DP-DPRH - *RC Media - RSS
Exciting New Arrival- Yokomo Drift Package Limited Edition Imadoki Alpha Drift Car Kit #DP-DPRH Feature: Imadoki SSG double-deck chassis Imadoki SSG front and rear shock towers Lower caster block (7 degrees) Aluminium steering block Front one-way and rear spool Aluminium slide-type motor mount Aluminium ride height adjustment oil shocks Drift-optimized springs Aluminium centre drive cup […]
Tue December 9, 14

?Final?TAMIYA Buggy Masters Race 2014 ???? ?????????? - *RC Media - RSS
[ Dates ] 2014 11/16 [ Venue ] Twin Messe Shizuoka Tamiya Fair within 2014 , special circuit ( Shizuoka City) Tamigura master 2014 was held at the Tamiya Grand Prix World Championship and held simultaneously . Targeting superiors of points won in the Tamiya Grand Prix of 2014 , and contested in the acquisition […]

?Final?TAMIYA Touring Car Masters Race 2014 ???? ???????????? - *RC Media - RSS
[ Dates ] 2014 11/16 [ Venue ] Twin Messe Shizuoka Tamiya Fair within 2014 , special circuit ( Shizuoka City) Tamigura master 2014 was held at the Tamiya Grand Prix World Championship and held simultaneously . Targeting superiors of points won in the Tamiya Grand Prix of 2014 , and contested in the acquisition […]

Shepherd Bull X8 1/8th buggy - *RC Media - RSS
Following a first teaser late last month, German company Shepherd have now released complete information on their debut entry in the competitive nitro off-road buggy class, the Bull X8. Previously an on-road only company, Shepherd have gone with a conventional design for their first ever off-road buggy. The Bull X8 is based on a hard-coated […]

New Arrival at rcMart 09Dec2014 - *RC Media - RSS
New arrival including Skyrc motor & ESC, Vanquish Products parts, Sense Innovations Sound Simulator, Tekin T8 motor, 3Racing parts, Tamiya parts and More! SENSE INNO… USD$99.00 3Racing Pl… USD$3.80 3Racing Pl… USD$3.80 3Racing Pl… USD$3.80 3Racing Pl… USD$3.80 3Racing Pl… USD$1.90 3Racing Pl… USD$1.90 3Racing Bo… USD$1.90 3Racing Al… USD$11.50 3Racing Al… USD$11.50 3Racing Al… […]

Pro-Line Super Swamper MT Tire video – Check it out! - *RC Media - RSS
Under official license from Interco Tire Corporation, Pro-Line is proud to announce the 3.8” Interco TSL SX Super Swamper in the legendary M2 compound. With “almost scale” not being acceptable and access to Interco's design data, Pro-Line's engineering staff has reproduced the Super Swamper in a scale configuration not previously available for 3.8” Monster Trucks. […]
Mon December 8, 14

New Arrival at rcMart 8Dec2014 - *RC Media - RSS
Today’s new arrival featuring MUCH MORE Power supply, Tire Warmers and Sander, Tamiya Mini4WD parts, Kyosho parts, COLT body and MORE!  Tamiya Min… USD$11.21 Tamiya Min… USD$4.70 Tamiya Min… USD$4.90 Tamiya Min… USD$3.90 Kyosho Mot… USD$5.50 Kyosho MR-… USD$7.90 Kyosho (GP… USD$13.90 Kyosho Spe… USD$14.50 Kyosho Le … USD$10.20 MUCH MORE … USD$69.90 MUCH MORE […]

Pre Ordering at rcMart - *RC Media - RSS
Don’t miss out on great deal when you can still take advantage of the Christmas Store Credit Rewards!! http://goo.gl/jzjPLe Axial Wraith Spawn 1/10 EP 4WD Rock Crawler Car w/ 2.4GHz Radio RTR AX90045 PRE-ORDER    10+  USD$369.99   AxiaL Yeti 1/10 4WD Electric Rock Racer Car Kit AX90025 PRE-ORDER FREE 23T MOTOR    10+ Now […]
Fri December 5, 14

New Arrival at rcMart 05Dec2014 - *RC Media - RSS
Id Products Graphite Parts, DS Racing RWD Tires and Yeah Racing Suspension Arms For Sakura just arrived with Kyosho, Muchmore and Sanwa Parts. Kyosho (GP… USD$14.50 Kyosho (GP… USD$13.90 MM … USD$69.90 MUCH MORE … USD$27.50 Sanwa Alum… USD$11.50 Sanwa Alum… USD$11.50 ID Product… USD$9.50 ID Product… USD$8.20 ID Product… USD$35.90 ID Product… USD$12.50 ID […]

Marlin Karlsen Doing Great at Junior Final @ round #1 of the 2014/2015 VBC carpet Offroad series - *RC Media - RSS
rcMart Sponsored 9 Years Old Driver Finishing Strong at Junior Final @ round #1 of the 2014/2015 VBC carpet Offroad series. Congratulation~!!
Last updated : Mon December 22, 14 - 14:39:25

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